Ilie Năstase arrived in Iași and inaugurated his exhibition “Tie-break 76”, at the National Athenaeum

The first world leader ATP is looking forward to the semifinals and finals at the Concord Iasi Open. Until then, Ilie Năstase, who will turn 76 on Tuesday, July 19, inaugurated, on Friday, in Iași, the exhibition "Ilie Năstase Tie-break 76". The event took place in the foyer of the National Athenaeum in Iasi.
In the foyer of the Athenaeum were exhibited 35 photos from a total of 80, 12 panels with collector missiles and balls, as well as some equipment of the former world leader.
"I am glad that I managed to bring here to Iasi some of my trophies and I thank those in Iasi. It's a start in Iasi, because we want to take this exhibition to almost the whole country and I want to share these trophies with the young people, who don't know me. I would like everyone to see these trophies from my past, and especially the young ones. There are things that belong to me, from the period when I was number 1 and later, things dear to me ", said Ilie Năstase.